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Generational Differences


As time goes on humans change, This has been a big key to evolution from the very start, Everything changes and will continue to change. Our generational directory will cease once this article is published, It’s better to have it in an article than in an ugly-looking page that looks […]

My Top 7 Classic Metalcore Songs Of All Time


Hey Chatters, If any of you had an emo phase or have listened to Metalcore then you would of heard of some of these songs, No Metal isn’t just screaming that’s a common misconception and many sub genres of Metal, Metalcore is a fusion genre of music that combines elements […]

Forums are dead, no not really


If you ask many people they will always say that forums are dead, This is simply not true and today I am going to say why I believe they’re not dead, There will be a second part to this article coming very soon titled “Why you shouldn’t compare forums to […]